Awesome SOQL Builder

LWC SOQL Builder is a SOQL execution tool developed in LWC Open Source. LWC SOQL Builder makes building and running SOQL in Salesforce incredibly easy.

Point and Click User Interface

A point and click user interface enables you to add SOQL boilerplate, fields, parent relationships, subquery and run a query.


Autocomplete is a feature that make you to complete field name. You can search by field label as well as by field name.

PWA Support

LWC SOQL Builder can be installed as Progressive Web App (PWA). You can install it like a normal desktop app.

Format SOQL

LWC SOQL Builder allows you to instantly beautify your SOQL queries. Formatted SOQL is very easy to use in Apex code.

CSV Export

You can export the query result to a CSV file. The CSV file can be upserted to Salesforce using Data Loader.

Support for ignoring default namespace

You can run a SOQL without the namespace prefix of a managed package. So, you can copy and paste the SOQL into your Apex code as-is.